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Chicago Customized Wine Barrels 1 - We can customize your wine barrel any way you would like.

We can keep all the original labeling, markings and scratch marks,

Or we can give you a more professionally finished exterior by removing scratches, markings or labeling.

We can custom stain with the finest interior-grade stain color of your choice.

If you do not want the stain finish, we can spray paint the wood any color you prefer.

We buff out the metal hoops on the barrel to an exceptionally attractive finish.

Or you can have us paint the hoops of the barrel to a beautiful Oil-Rubbed Bronze Colored Finish.

We can put a door somewhere if you would like.

We can cut your custom wine barrel in half for against the wall usages.

You can even put a tabletop across both halves for more uses.

We can put a sink in the top, or some other creative top that you would like.

We can customize a table top, on top of the barrel, using a type of wood of your choice - it can be a square, round or oval top.

If you are looking for unique shelving or cabinetry for your bottle display, we can work with you to meet your specific needs.

We can put your name, your initials, your company name or some other name anywhere on your custom wine barrel.

If you have your own ideas, you can send in your own blueprint with particular specs.

If you have a certain barrel you want customized, you can send it to us.

If your customized barrel is going to be subject to the outdoor environment, we suggest a Polyurethane Sealant for protection.

Your customized wine barrel is specially detailed by our master craftsman.

Approximate Dimensions: 34-37" tall, 22" head diameter, 26-28" bilge diameter. Gallon Size: 59 Gal / 225 Liters. Weight is up to 150lbs.

Production time: est. 3-6 weeks, depending on details and features.

Cost is determined according to details, features and ship-to location.

Get a hold of us to discuss the particulars on how you want your customized wine barrel to look.

We are: J&J Builders of Northeast Wisconsin

You can call us at: (920) 826-7841

You can visit our website at:

You can stop by our showroom at:
2076 W. Frontier Road,
Little Suamico, WI 54141

We ship internationally.

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